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Do I have a DEAL for you...

Before I get too busy and get side-tracked...I wanted to let you all in on the deal I currently have running. Starting today, October 10th, through next Monday, October 17th, I have Beautiful Boy on sale for 99 pennies. Yes, you read that correctly. Beautiful Boy is on sale RIGHT NOW for just 99 cents. Run - don't walk - to pick up this deal as I don't know when I'll have it on sale again. If you haven't read it yet, now's your chance. If you have read it and feel like gifting it to someone who hasn't...just do it! (Sorry Nike...that darn saying just popped into my head!)


One introverted girl. One extroverted guy. One assignment. One afternoon. Then everything changed… “You destroyed me.” Novah wanted nothing more than to walk away, never see him again. She was determined to pick up the pieces of her tarnished reputation and move on. Her torture became her muse, earning her well-deserved notoriety for capturing beauty with her lens. She had come full circle. She had it all…until he returned. Nolan found himself surrounded by the grim facets of life, no longer the prominent boy from an affluent family who’d caught Novah’s eye. The years had been unkind and left him in the dark, painful trenches of life. He needed her help. Fifteen years can equate to a lifetime of change, neither one the same person they once were. Despite the humiliation, the latent wounds, the missing years…they’re destined to heal one another in unexpected ways. “You saved me.”

Here's the link, just in case:

Happy reading!

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