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From a very early age, I struggled in school. I was a good student, but my mind was always elsewhere. Even when I tried, I couldn't seem to pay attention for long because there was always a movie playing in my head. Finally, when I was fourteen, my neighbor and I decided to write a book. We had a spiral notebook and wrote a story about being on tour with NSYNC as their girlfriends; she was with Justin, and I was with Lance (this was obviously before we all learned I'm not his type). The story was written in one very long paragraph with no chapters. Needless to say, I've come a long way since then.

Whether it was finding an outlet for the scenes that consumed my thoughts or something else, I started making better grades in school. I'd gone from struggling to make C's in middle school to graduating high school with honors (and a year's worth of college credits thanks to the dual enrollment program). Much later in life, I was diagnosed with Adult ADD...which probably had a lot to do with my struggling in school. But hey-ho. I probably wouldn't be a published author if I'd been diagnosed as a kid.

After the epic NSYNC book that my friend and I wrote, I continued to write romance stories for many years, although the only readers I had were my friends and coworkers. Then, in 2014, I learned that I could publish my books using Amazon. Never in my wildest dreams did I think anyone would actually read them, but they did. So, I kept writing.

Most of my stories were what I've coined as "highly emotional." Nearly all of my characters suffered from one form of depression or another. I didn't realize it at the time, but I, too, was suffering from the same. Writing helped me work through some of the darkness and insecurities I dealt with on a daily basis. I've since gotten help, worked through my issues (with the help of a professional), and met the love of my life. Now, my stories deal with true love more than depression.

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