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Dane Kauffman: Rich, smart, handsome, and selfless. He’s content with the direction of his life, until the moment he stares into her green eyes. 

Eden Clare: Determined, headstrong, and independent. Searching for a job, answers, and a purpose, she has no room for anything else. Until she glances in his direction. 

Crossing paths, tempting fate—Dane must make the ultimate decision. Sacrifice everything to get what he wants, or to continue to be benevolent.

WARNING: Life isn't always black and white. This book will drown you in all the variations of gray.

"I cannot say enough how much I loved this book. From the minute I started reading, the world ceased to exist, I was captivated and I was turning those pages like a loon. As soon as I had finished I knew that I had read an amazing book, I knew  that I had to tell my book friends to READ THIS BOOK!"

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