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book cover image for Love Rerouted

Love Rerouted

If only we’d met at a different time, under different circumstances. A time when we could’ve jumped in his car and taken off without a care in the world other than what crappy motel we’d stop at next.

But we didn’t.

No matter how fast he drove, we hadn’t been able to outrun our pasts. And ever since our last night together, I dreamed about him. About Talon. The man with the dark, haunting eyes, the gravelly voice. The man I gave my heart to.

Our love may have been rerouted...but it wasn't over.

Fate gave us a second chance.

"All of your favorite romance novel qualities combine to make Love Rerouted a beautifully serendipitous ride! While unwrapping the mysteries of Maggie and Talon, Leddy Harper includes a perfect combination of humor, heart, suspense, and so much angst with twists and turns along the way. This fast paced story will keep you on your toes."

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