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"Look Ma, no floaties!"

So my youngest is in swim lessons this summer...and I'm so ready for it to be over with! First, there's a mom there that thinks she's a better instructor than the lifeguards, and that's just annoying. But the most entertaining part of this whole thing, is my daughter's obsession with doing EVERYTHING without her floaties. "Hannah, what are you doing?" It's a question that gets asked a lot in my house. But now, her answers go something like this: "I'm eating a bar (granola bar) without my floaties on!" or "I'm putting my shoes on without my floaties!" Last night, I heard her in my bathroom, and her answer was: "I'm going poop without my floaties!" It's become rather comical because if anyone were to hear it, they'd probably assume she wore her water wings all day every day. Which she does not. She only wears them when we go swimming, which is maybe once a week, more often, once every other week. But for some reason...she's quite excited about doing everything without them. I just shake my head and laugh. At least she's excited about swimming and doesn't scream bloody murder like some of the other kids do.

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