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"A Crowe's Song by Leddy Harper was an unforgettable and unique journey of love, history, fate and pain. It delivers an aching, otherworldly and intense romance that makes my heart crumble. And it also delivers an intriguing tale of soulmates, heartbreaks, suspenseful past and bittersweet memories. It was a piece of incredible and original writing that will sing in my heart for years to come." --PP's Bookshelf

Some secrets can’t stay buried forever...

A dusty old journal led me to a forgotten town full of drowned love, sunken promises, and a stranger with familiar eyes and a rumbly voice that made my soul beg for more.

Drew’s dark eyes and warm, soft lips were like a memory of a place I’d never visited. They made me believe that our meeting had been set in the stars, as if Fate had schemed with Destiny and devised this elaborate plot to bring us together.

With each day I spent at Black Bird Resort, I learned more of Drew’s history. And the more I learned, the more I questioned.

Until I realized just how much the past could tear us apart.

I may not have been prepared for the journey fate had led me on, but no one was prepared for the reason why.

Early praises for A Crowe's Song...


"Leddy Harper’s best book to date!"


"Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! This is probably my favorite book of 2021!"


"I don't know how to adequately explain all the emotional feelings to this story. How one moment in time can have such a domino effect for so many people. This story is beyond moving."


"All hail Queen Leddy! A Crowe’s Song quickly jumped to one of my favorite books of the year."


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