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Did you say SIGNING???

I don't know if it's just me...but all I can think about lately is SIGNINGS. Yes, signings. I have a few coming up in the very near future, so that may be why. First there's Shameless Book Con on October 22nd. Then, Beach Babes Book Blast on November 12th. Finally, as of right now, my last signing of 2016 will be at Barnes & Noble in Sarasota, FL from 2-4 PM EST. If you want more details, please visit my Events page.

The B&N signing is different than your normal book signings. This will be a very intimate setting - nothing formal. There will be a discussion where you can ask questions, I'll read a passage from one of my books (but I'm not telling which one), and then I'll have the opportunity to sign books for you and take photos. Who knows...if you twist my arm hard enough, I may be up for drinks and supper after. Don't worry...if you can't attend in person, you'll have the opportunity to order signed books directly from Barnes & Noble. Once I have that information, I'll send that out. On the sly, I popped into the store and signed some of the books that are currently on the shelf. Who knows if any are left but if you stop in there, you may just get lucky. The ever amazing Brianna snapped a photo of my books on display and it just takes my breath away. It's so hard for me to believe I have a book store. That's all thanks to each and every one of you. I don't know if it'll ever really sink in...but I'm working on it. Anyway - I really hope to see you at any or all of the signings I have left this year!

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